Alpha Male Ape Club

    Why we created Alpha Male Ape Club

   People from different parts of the world have reached out to us for help that they desperately need. Crises, disasters, pandemic lockdowns, different threats or even a simple uncertainty about the future have led to a rise of destructive negative emotions that these individuals have been feeling. At a certain point we realized that we had to do something about it. There should be a way out of this!
Our secret team of scientists spent a whole month in their lab, thinking of practical ways to solve these problems of humanity. After a number of trials and errors, our scientists created two special pieces of technology. The first one was called NFT, which stands for Negative Frequency Translator. The second device got named APE (which was a short acronym for Alpha Power Equipment).
   The two devices were then connected together to achieve a desired result.

The NFT-device converted all the negative energy into positive one, and then the APE-device was used to accumulate and store this positive energy output!
There still was a question, though: how exactly can we transfer this accumulated positive energy to the people who have asked us for help? In what form?
First, we wanted to create the Alpha Power vaccine and to ask 10,000 volunteers to try it on themselves. However, our scientists realized they didn’t want to deal with all the paperwork for the vaccine to get registered and approved. So, this idea was dismissed.
Then there was an idea to produce 10,000 Alpha Power microchips and insert them under the skin of the same volunteers. But this time our software team couldn’t agree on which Linux distribution had to be installed on these chips: should it be Ubuntu, Fedora or maybe Arch? To end their contentious debate, we decided not to go this way either.
So, we kept thinking and thinking what we could do to help people with their negativity problems.
One day, one of our scientists was looking at the NFT-device and the APE-device and mumbling, “NFT…APE…hmm…”
Suddenly, he exclaimed, “Finally! It dawned on me! We can create an NFT-collection of Alpha Male Apes and charge these apes with some Alpha Power!”
And this was where our designer came in. The designer hand-drew _____ elements of the Alpha Male Apes and made sure the artwork was of top quality. Then, with some programming magic, we generated 10,000 one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs from all the created elements. This made each Alpha Male Ape a rare, living and breathing work of art stored on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 Non-Fungible token. All the 10,000 NFTs were then supercharged with a high amount of Alpha Power by using the APE-device.
When a person buys one of our Alpha Male Apes, they get themselves an infinite source of Alpha Power, positivity, energy and confidence! They also get a loyal friend who is going to help them stay strong in any circumstances life has to offer.
To connect Alpha Male Apes and their owners together, we, naturally, decided to create a club where all can meet, hang out and discuss any stuff they want to.
Thus, the Alpha Male Ape Club (AMAC) was created!

About Alpha Male Apes

  Alpha Male Apes from all walks of life came together to show people that it’s possible to love each other regardless of race, religion or views. These apes want to encourage us to make the world a better place, where mutual respect, freedom of speech, open source software, renewable energy and decentralized finances help people live in peace and harmony.
  Who exactly are these Alpha Male Apes? Self-made entrepreneurs, business owners and traders, passionate artists, poets and musicians, successful athletes, spiritual teachers, fearless bikers and so on!
They are inspired and excited to put as much of their masculine energy into their endeavors as possible to help us build a better world! They’re young, active and strong… And they’re true ALPHAS!



Benefits for the AMAC holders

IP Rights

We grant you a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use, copy and display the purchased art.

High-Quality Art

Each Alpha Male Ape NFT is a 1262×1262 PNG-image of a great quality. As an owner, you may use it as an avatar, print it and so on.

Exclusive Prizes

The owners of Alpha Male Apes will have opportunities to win incredible prizes just by holding their AMAC-tokens. The prizes include NFTs, merch, allowlists and airdrops!


Owning an Alpha Male Ape Club NFT makes you part of the AMAC family on Twitter, Discord and the Metaverse. We’re fully committed to creating a strong community of those who want both to improve themselves and to make the world a better place!

Exclusive Events

Our holders will get access to special virtual and real-life events in different parts of the world. Among other events, we plan on hosting mix-and-mingle parties for singles, and women are more than welcome to join Alpha Male Ape Club!

Dating Advice

An Alpha Male is the one who has success in life in general, including success with the opposite sex! We have invited a great team of self-improvement, attraction and relatioship experts who will help our members get their social and dating life to the next level!

Alpha Merch

Get an exclusive membership in our Alpha Merchandise store and dress like a real alpha!

Future Collections

As a holder of Alpha Male Ape Club NFTs, you will be the first to get access to our future NFT collections. We plan on rewarding our members with early access and utility for ownership.


Explore the Metaverse with us and use your Alpha Male Ape Club NFT as an avatar in the virtual spaces!



Introduction party

Alpha Male Apes get together at their club to celebrate that they have united with the humans who have minted them. Part of the funds goes to reward our artist, scientists and other team members for the immense amount of work they have done.


Tame the jerks!

Out of all the AMAC collection, there are five Alpha Male Apes who behave like real jerks and keep saying that people can’t afford to buy them for any price. These 5 apes have only agreed to be airdropped for free to different random holders of Alpha Male Ape Club NFTs. You might be lucky enough to get one of these jerks!


Taking our community to the next level

We work to grow and expand our community on Twitter and Discord even more, because we want more people to join us and share our values. At the same time, we host Twitter spaces and discuss cool Alpha topics like self-improvement, creativity, attraction and dating.


Alpha Merch store opening

Exclusive Alpha Merch store opens for the holders of our NFTs. The holders are able to buy Limited Edition t-shirts, hoodies and other AMAC merchandise.



We find out from our community members how much they are inspired by the idea of creating the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for our Alpha Male Ape Club. If we get the green light from the majority of our NFT holders, we work to create the DAO.


More virtual and real-life events

We explore the Metaverse, organize online and real-life events for our community.


Future collections and airdrops

We conceive, design and create an NFT collection of beautiful female ape companions for our Alpha Male Apes. Original AMAC NFT holders will have exclusive access to this collection, and a certain allocated amount of the new NFTs will be airdropped to the AMAC holders.

Our Team

We are proud to present our team that has worked to create the Alpha Male Ape Club NFT project:












How can I buy an Alpha Male Ape Club NFT?

If you’re new to NFTs, here are the steps on what you should do to buy your Alpha Male Ape Club NFT:
1. Download the Metamask extension for your Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge browser
2. Create a new wallet with the Metamask extension in your browser (make sure you write down your ‘seed phrase’ and your wallet password and keep them safe)
3. Buy Ethereum on one of the crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Binance etc.)
4. Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet (before sending, make sure you’ve switched to “Ethereum Mainnet” in your Metamask and have provided your correct ETH-address to send your ETH to)
5. When it’s time to mint your NFT, open the Alpha Male Ape Club website and select the number of NFTs you want to mint
6. Click the “MINT” button, Metamask will show a pop-up window asking for connection
7. Confirm the requested transaction and the gas fees
8. After you’ve made your purchase, your NFTs will be there both in your wallet and in your OpenSea account

What is the total supply of the Alpha Male Ape Club NFTs?
A total of 10,000 unique Alpha Male Ape Club NFTs have been created.
When is the launch date for the collection?

The pre-sale and the public sale dates will be announced later.

What will it cost to mint an Alpha Male Ape Club NFT?

Just like the launch dates, the minting cost will be announced later 🙂

How can I use my NFT?

As an owner of your AMAC NFT, you may use it as an avatar, print it on clothing or on other physical products.

Mint Your Ape

The minting section will be available later